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Fresh Perspective

At the core of medical communications, we’re transforming scientific exchange by uniting a unique array of disciplines to provide novel insights and innovative ideas

There are many ways to communicate science, but MedThink SciCom has a unique talent for taking biomedical information and transforming it into medically relevant and intriguing communications. When we tap into the demonstrated expertise of our multidisciplinary team, unexpected ideas emerge.

A fresh perspective that allows us to deliver refreshing results. That’s MedThink SciCom.

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MedThink SciCom Scientific Communications Agency

Fresh Approach

Through our medical communications industry best practices, we champion the scientific platform as the core of integrated communications

Using research and workshop exercises, a multidisciplinary team of scientific directors, medical writers and editors, account managers, digital strategists, and social media managers collaborates to develop and refine the following:

  • Competitive landscape
  • Audience perspectives
  • Medical communications objectives
  • Core scientific statements
  • Lexicon
  • Supporting evidence and imagery

The result? A focused scientific communications plan that’s grounded in deep understanding and comprehensive knowledge—a foundation for consistent communication across all channels.

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Fresh Delivery

Emanating from the scientific platform, there are a number of different approaches to support your medical communications goals for any pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or other healthcare product

Our multidisciplinary team consisting of medical writers and editors, scientific directors, account managers, digital strategists, social media experts, technology specialists, and graphic designers provides the optimal solution for your challenges. Our approach delivers a fresh perspective.

Unearth our core capabilities

Medical Publications

  • Medical writing and editorial support
  • Medical publication management
  • Medical publication plan development
  • Scientific data generation plans
  • Competitor gap analysis

Medical Conference Activity

  • On-site planning tools
  • Medical conference debriefs
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Supporting scientific materials

Thought Leaders

  • Identification of medical experts
  • Scientific advisory board support
  • Virtual collaboration tools
  • Needs assessments and education programs

Scientific/Medical Education

  • Disease state education planning
  • Disease state education activities
  • Medical science liaison (MSL) training
  • MSL resources

Unearth our core capabilities

Fresh Solutions

We transform scientific communications through custom solutions that reach audiences where they are and in the most relevant way to improve traditional workstreams

Discover our innovations

MedThink Visualize

MedThink Visualize is an online, password-secured tool that provides a convenient visual means for identifying gaps (eg audiences, objectives) in publications and medical communication plans. Scenarios can be queried live during planning meetings, creating rich discussion and consensus. And plans can be updated easily, requiring moments not hours.

MedThink Connect

MedThink Connect is a secure online collaboration portal that gives you the ability to open a direct line of communication with thought leaders, no matter where they are—helping you make informed decisions faster and keeping you ahead of the competition.

MedThink Coordinator

A native application for scientific conference planning, data collection, and reporting, MedThink Coordinator serves as a one-stop resource for on-site company personnel (including medical communications personnel), medical science liaisons (MSLs), medical writers, and others. Its purpose is to ensure information is received in a dependable and timely manner and to increase availability of conference intelligence information.

MedThink Monitor

MedThink Monitor helps streamline manual efforts to track competitor activities, including publications, medical congress activity, and product website activity. The database is searchable by drug (date, source, and activity), disease (stage, drug, and source), or time frame. It includes reputation monitoring, reporting/search functions, visual interface, and historical repository.

MedThink Navigator enables efficient analysis of current data and allows medical experts to look at scientific data sets differently. It’s an efficient way to share and collaborate on data searches and create novel medical research ideas based on additional analyses.

MedThink CATeRS

This modern, alternative approach to assessing the relevance of medical journals utilizes a weighted scoring system to evaluate journals based on a collection of attributes (both traditional and modern). It’s also customizable based on product life cycle and other weighting preferences.

Discover our innovations


Transform your career with us!

Explore exciting new opportunities in one of North Carolina's leading life science destinations, an area ranked #2 among major metro areas in the United States and also #2 on Forbes' 2015 list of "Best Places for Business and Careers."

MedThink SciCom is uniquely positioned in the industry to take full advantage of both the thriving energy of Raleigh and its impressive array of clients.

  • Work hand in hand with a team of PhDs, pharmacists, digital strategists, technology experts, account managers, designers, project managers, and social media experts
  • Create innovative solutions for an array of local and national clients
  • Grow in an environment where your voice makes a difference and your contributions are truly valued and acknowledged

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Fresh Outlook

Whatever your challenge, we come at it from a different angle

We take a sometimes unconventional, but always innovative, approach to your challenges—and we welcome them. We engage in fresh, compelling ways that create new avenues for delivering scientific data that are medically relevant and mindful of the communication channels healthcare professionals prefer.

It all begins with an e-mail or a phone call. Let’s connect.

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Todd Parker PhD, CMPP Managing Director, Scientific Services - Medical Publications Strategy
Angie Miller, RPh, Senior VP - Scientific Platform Development
Steve Palmisano, CMPP VP, Managing Director - Scientific Publication Agency
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