Scientific Platform
Fresh Approach

Why develop a scientific platform:

  • Provides stakeholder agreement on core concepts
  • Uncovers unanswered scientific questions
  • Defines mind-sets and beliefs
  • Establishes communication priorities
  • Defines clear, coordinated, memorable, and referenced communication points
  • Ensures consistent disease state and product communications

Why develop a scientific platform with MedThink SciCom?

The MedThink SciCom approach to scientific platform development is unparalleled. We start by understanding the landscape, audience, and lexicon through research and multidisciplinary workshops. This sets the core elements for a strong foundation for the scientific platform. Workshops can include individuals from teams such as medical, clinical, communications, biostatistics, clinical pharmacology, and commercial.

Then the medical communication objectives, scientific statements, and supporting evidence and imagery are all developed upon this well-researched foundation—a foundation for a well-vetted and consistent communication approach across all channels.

This approach can include

  • Competitive landscape analyses
  • Audience perspective identification
  • Medical communications objective discovery
  • Core scientific statement development/refinement
  • Lexicon understanding
  • Supporting evidence and imagery identification