Fresh Delivery

At MedThink SciCom, each of our integrated capabilities successfully facilitates scientific exchange. This enables each asset to benefit from a fresh perspective

Each capability is grounded in key guideposts for development.

Publications—By connecting the correct audience with clinically relevant content that utilizes instructional design and strong visual grammar, our publications services are best in class. Publication services include

  • Medical writing
  • Editorial support including data verification
  • Medical publication management, ie, Datavision and PubSTRAT
  • Medical publication plan development
  • Scientific data generation plans
  • Competitor gap analysis

Medical Conference Activity—Grounded in the scientific platform, conference activity is engaging and tailored to the audience. Conference assistance includes

  • On-site planning tools, eg, planning applications and guides
  • Medical conference debriefs
  • Competitive intelligence, eg, morning briefs, internal publication guides
  • Supporting scientific materials, eg, abstracts, booths, posters, presentations

Thought Leaders—All thought leader engagement activity is based on bona fide needs to yield feedback and actionable advice that is easily understood and integrated through a milestone base plan.

  • Identification of medical experts, ie, stakeholder mapping
  • Scientific advisory board support, eg, agenda, slide reviews, moderation, multimedia, meeting logistics and recruitment, meeting theme and collateral, postmeeting follow-up
  • Virtual collaboration tools for ongoing input, ie, MedThink Connect
  • Needs assessments and education programs

Scientific/Medical Education—Education assets are grounded in the scientific platform. With a focus on asset amortization across channels, we continually and efficiently strengthen the scientific story over time to reach your target audience where they are and how they prefer to learn.

  • Disease-state education planning
  • Disease-state education activities, eg, booth materials and design, websites, relationship management (RM) programs
  • Medical science liaison (MSL) training, eg, computer- or iPad-based training, practicums
  • MSL resources, ie, slide decks, iPad applications, or printed materials