Using Scientific Platforms to Build a Foundation for Consistent Medical Communications

by Todd Parker

On December 12, 2014, Dheepa Chari (Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation) and I copresented a talk on scientific platforms at the Center for Business Intelligence (CBI) 10th Annual Forum for Publication Planning in Philadelphia, PA. Our presentation explored how the development of a strong scientific platform provides the framework for the identification, prioritization, support, understanding, and communication of key scientific information throughout a product’s life cycle.

Most of the audience had experience with development of scientific platforms, generally initiating creation of the first draft when the compound was moving into phase 3. When examining the different potential components of a scientific platform, most of the publication professionals in attendance (77%) identified referenced scientific statements as providing the most value. Key questions asked after the presentation included

  • Considering that new data are always arriving, when do you draw a line in the sand to finalize the first draft of a scientific platform?
  • What role does commercial play in the development of the scientific platform?
  • What do you do when an external partner’s (eg, external expert, joint-venture partner, communications agency) ideas differ from those highlighted in the scientific platform?
  • Once developed, how do you keep the platform in front of the team to reinforce use on an ongoing basis?

If developing scientific platforms are a part of your 2015 plans, then please click below to access our CBI presentation or our key presentation takeaways, and then contact Angie Miller ( or 919-926-3602) to share your needs.

What are your questions regarding best practices for scientific platforms?



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