Scientific Platforms: Measure Twice, Cut Once

by Todd Parker

A colleague of mine always stresses the importance of remembering the old adage, “Measure twice, cut once,” because the work you do brainstorming and thinking though alternatives while developing and critically drafting a scientific platform can make a big difference in the effectiveness of scientific communications.

Before beginning work on the scientific platform, it is critical to ensure team alignment on objectives, uses, and delivery format.

A scientific platform is the foundation that establishes consistency in medical communications associated with a product in development or a market event.

After setting the expectations and foundations for the platform, several items can help you understand the current environment, including data and literature reviews, situation analyses, formal market research, and interviews with key experts or advisory board executive summaries.

A multidisciplinary workshop can promote team ownership and engagement and facilitate reaching a consensus on core concepts.

Scientific platform process

After the scientific platform has been developed and disseminated, it is important to monitor scientific communications to ensure uptake and correct use of the scientific platform by the extended team, including medical writers, medical communications managers, and publication professionals.

Developing a scientific platform may seem daunting, but systematic, well-vetted processes can break the challenge down into several discrete and achievable steps.

To learn more about scientific platforms, please email Todd Parker, PhD, CMPP, VP, Managing Director, MedThink SciCom or, if you are an ISMPP member, see Scientific Platforms 101: A Foundation for Consistent Medical Communications.

What challenges have you faced with developing a scientific platform?

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